Introducting FEBio3

Speakers: Steve A. Maas, Gerard A. Ateshian, Jeffrey Weiss

Workshop description:

In this workshop we will introduce the newest version of the FEBio software. FEBio is a finite element solver that was designed specifically for solving problems in computational biomechanics, bioengineering, and biophysics. It accomplishes this goal by providing constitutive models, loading conditions, and modeling scenarios that are relevant for these fields. The latest version of FEBio (version 3.0) has full multiphysics capabilities that allow users to model large deformation nonlinear analysis, multiphasic domains, fluid problems, chemical reactions, fluid-solid interactions, and more. FEBio also has a powerful plugin mechanism that allows users to extend the capabilities of the software. With the addition of plugins, users can model heat transfer, mass-diffusion with reactions, just to name a few.

The workshop will be comprised of two parts. In the first part, an overview will be given of the newest capabilities of the software, including fluid simulation and fluid-solid interaction (FSI), as well as improved support for heterogeneous material properties, mathematical equations for defining model properties, and more. In the second part of the workshop the speakers will present several step-by-step demonstrations that will walk the attendees thru FEBio’s modeling pipeline: setting up a FEBio model in PreView (FEBio’s pre-processor), solving it with FEBio, and visualizing the results in PostView (FEBio’s post-processor). The demonstrations will be aimed at both new potential user, as well as to experienced FEBio users.

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