GIBBON Workshop

Time: Friday August 16th, 11:00am-12:30pm

Location: Room 569

Presenter: Dr. Kevin Moerman, NUIG Galway, Ireland, (

Join this workshop to learn about GIBBON: a FREE and open-source MATLAB toolbox for segmentation, image-based modelling, visualization, meshing, and finite element analysis. GIBBON includes an array of image and geometry visualization and processing tools and is interfaced with free open source software such as TetGen, for robust tetrahedral meshing, and FEBio (or Abaqus) for finite element analysis. The combination provides a highly flexible image-based modelling environment and enables advanced inverse finite element analysis.

Learning objectives

Through this workshop you will be introduced to:

  • Finding GIBBON documentation and running demos
  • Obtaining surface geometry from 3D image data
  • Optimizing surface meshes through smoothing and remeshing
  • Performing tetrahedral meshing using GIBBON and TetGen
  • Specifying finite element model boundary conditions in GIBBON
  • Running GIBBON coded FEBio models from MATLAB

What to bring/install:

  • Please bring your own laptop.
  • Have MATLAB installed (the latest preferred or at least R2016)
  • Have FEBio installed
  • Have GIBBON installed
  • Have a text editor installed which is able to view large XML files, e.g. NotePad++ or Atom.

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