Keynote/Invited/Oral presentations instructions

All presentations must be prepared and delivered in English. The standard time reserved for each presentation varies according to the presentation type. Unless informed otherwise, authors are asked to follow the given times:


Presentation Type


Keynote Lecture

30 minutes (25 minutes presentation + 5 minutes Q&A)

Invited/Oral Lecture

15 minutes (12 minutes presentation + 3 minutes Q&A)

Note! In order to maintain the same duration of each sessions, it can happen that the duration of some lectures varies from the standard time. Please make sure you check the final program and prepare your presentation to fit in the allocated time interval.

The chairpersons are requested to stop presentations after the allotted time has passed.


As no presentation template is prepared, you are welcome to use your own.


Slide format: *.ppt and *.pptx in landscape format 16:9. Please note that this is not a standard size in Power Point. Please do not forget to embed your fonts and to bring your video files, as they cannot be embedded in the presentation.


Please bring your presentation to the lecture room where your presentation is taking place at least 2 hours before your presentation starts (during the break before the session) or the day before if your presentation is scheduled for the morning session. Please check the time and lecture room of your presentation in the CMBBE 2019 final program, which you will receive at the registration desk at the conference, or in the online program that can be accessed here.


Bring your presentation on a USB. We do not allow the use of personal laptops for presentations. If you have a Mac, we allow the use of personal laptop if you have HDMI connection.


Please be present at least 10 minutes prior to the start of your session and let the chairperson know you are there.


Please make sure to stay in your session from the beginning on in order to ensure smooth changes between the individual presentations.


A technician or an assistant will help you to transfer your presentation and will perform a quick run of the presentation in order for you to check whether it runs correctly.


At the end of the conference, all presentations will be deleted so no copyright issues will arise.

There will be assisting staff in each lecture room if any problems occur.


Abstracts will be published on the conference website and in the CMBBE 2019 abstract book.

Please also consider submitting your work as an article for CMBBE Journal.