Poster sessions

Poster session 1

Wednesday, 14 August 2019, 12:30 PM – 2:00 PM


P 01 Representative Knee Kinematic patterns Identification Using Within-Subject Variability Analysis, Mariem Abid, Neila Mezghani, Youssef Ouakrim

P 02 Automated Detection of Basal Cell Carcinoma in a Real-World Sample Using Deep Learning, Julianna Ianni, Rajath Soans, Sivaramakrishnan Sankarapandian, Ramachandra Vikas Chamarthi, Theresa Feeser, Thomas Olsen

P 03 Towards particle tracking velocimetry of cell flow in developing tissue using deep neural networkYukitaka Ishimoto, Tomoaki Watanabe

P 04 Classification of elderly fallers and non-fallers using force plate parameters from gait and balance tasks, Ashirbad Pradhan, Usha Kuruganti, Victoria Chester

P 05 Predicting Joint Kinematics from Sensors with Varying Body-Segment Alignments, Wolf Thomsen, Reed Ferber, Eni Halilaj

P 06 Visualization of Symbolic Musical Rhythms: Recent Methods and Applications, Godfried Toussaint

P 07 Estimating Shoulder Muscle Forces of the Shoulder Complex using Static Optimization and EMG-informed Neuromusculoskeletal Modelling, Najoua Assila, Claudio Pizzolato, Benjamin Michaud, David Lloyd,Mickaël Begon

P 08 The impact of the Hill type muscle model on the glenohumeral joint reaction force, Maximilian Aurbach, Franz Süß, Sebastian Dendorfer

P 09 What is Acceptable Agreement in Kinematics and Kinetics from Two Independent OpenSim Models of FES Rowing?Vishnu Chandran, Rebecca Lambach, Gary Beaupre, Saikat Pal

P 10 Handrim Forces and Moments prediction during Manual Wheelchair Propulsion using Inertial sensors, Aiman Feghoul, Rachid Aissaoui, Felix Chénier

P 11 Moments in the lower limbs' joints during voluntary postural sways in sagittal and frontal plane, Malgorzata Kalinowska, Malgorzata Syczewska, Ewa Szczerbik

P 12 Anatomical correct human hand neuromusculoskeletal model for virtual rehabilitationJumana Ma'touq

P 13 On the role of angular momentum damping in foot contact stabilization during dynamic movements, Kei Kobayashi, Ryotaru Hinata, Dragomir Nenchev

P 14 Assessment of body weight gain on the plantar pressure distribution during gait in pregnant women with normal body weight, overweight and obesity, Dagna Swinarska

P 15 Computation of muscles activity during balance tests on stable and unstable platform in group of healthy women of age about 50, Ewa Szczerbik, Małgorzata Syczewska, Małgorzata Kalinowska

P 16 Examining heterogeneous osteocyte activation and bone mechanotransduction: 3D multiplexed imaging for multi-scale finite element analysis, Loretta Laughrey, LeAnn Tiede-Lewis, Sarah Dallas, Mark Johnson, Thiagarajan Ganesh

P 17 Nanoindentation of Subchondral Bone during Osteoarthritis Pathological Process using Atomic Fore Microscopy, Lisa Manitta, Clemence Fayolle, Lucile Olive, Jean-Philippe Berteau

P 18 In Search of Type 2 Diabetes-Related Differences in Bone, Sasidhar Uppuganti, Nora Ward, Mark Does, Jeffry Nyman

P 19 Experimental and computational investigations for damage initiation and crack propagation phenomena of peri-implant bone under screw pullout according to screw design parameters, Chan-Hee Song, Eun Sun Lee, Dong-Man Ryu, Tae Sik Goh, Jung Hoon Ro, Chi-Seung Lee

P 20 Identification of mechanical properties of human orbital wall bones, Krzysztof Zerdzicki, Pawel Lemski, Pawel Klosowski, Andrzej Skorek, Marcin Zmuda-Trzebiatowski

P 21 Evaluating the Effect of Skull and Brain Stiffness on Shock Wave Propagation in a Rodent Finite Element Model, Rahul Shah, Molly Townsend, Namas Chandra

P 22 Geometric construction of anatomically realistic blood capillary meshes by space filling curves, Marina Bertolini, Paola Causin, Cristina Turrini

P 23 Numerical Simulation of Cerebral Aneurysm Hemodynamic Treated with Flow Diverter Stent, Augusto Sanches, Thomas Liebig

P 24 Design and development of a dual-flow bioreactor for drug transport assesment mimicking intestinal peristalsis and permiability in ephitelial tissue barriers, Odin Ramirez-Fernandez, Joana Costa, Ludovica Cacopardo

P 25 Biomechanical Effects of Varus and Valgus Deformity of the Knee in ACL Reconstruction Surgery, Byeongchan Cho, Dai-Soon Kwak, Tae Soo Bae

P 26 Mechanical skin behavior: new numericl approach using bio - tensegrity as a modelling, Amaury Guillermin, Meriem Ayadh, Eric Feulvarch, Hassan Zahouani

P 27 Linking physical experiments and computational modeling inknee biomechanics: assessment of accuracy and repeatability, Shady Elmasry, Hamidreza Jahandar, Zaid Zayyad, Thomas, Fraychineaud, Carl Imhauser

P 28 Effect of Cutting Plane Positions on the Stresses of Lateral Cortex and Talus in the Opening-Wedge High Tibial Osteotomy, Heo In Hyuk, Moon Jong Chang, Seung Baek Kang, Tae Soo Bae

P 29 Bifurcation asymmetry influences microfluidic blood flow characteristics, Iveta Jancigova

P 30 Computational study of cell-matrix interactions in different locations of growth plate reserve zone cartilage, Masumeh Kazemi, John Leicester Williams

Poster session 2

Thursday, 15 August 2019, 12:30 PM – 2:00 PM

P 31 Finite Element Modelling of Four-Point Bending Test of PMMA Bone Cement with Pores, Sunjung Kim, Heidi-Lynn Ploeg, Aaron Bishop, Warren Rose, Suzan Ozgur

P 32 Micro-CT imaging and Digital Volume Correlation to evaluate Glenoid Deformation after Total Shoulder Arthroplasty, Yasmine Boulanaache, Alain Farron, Fabio Becce, Dominique Pioletti, Alexandre Terrier

P 33 An automated workflow for generating finite element models of the knee, Marco Schneider, Nynke Rooks, Thor Besier

P 34 Coupling of inertial measurement units with a virtual world model for supporting navigation in bronchoscopy, Dariusz Michalski, Zbisław Tabor, Tomasz Nabagło

P 35 Mixed Reality Enhanced Surgical Navigation System for Neurosurgery, Ching-Shiow Tseng, Chih-Ju Chang, Te-Hsuan Feng

P 36 Finite element simulations for investigating the cause of catastrophic wear and/or failure of polyethylene acetabular cup liner in hip prosthesis, Changhee Cho, Toshiharu Mori, Makoto Kawasaki

P 37 Effect of Knee Joint Transverse Plane Malalignment on Tibiofemoral Contact Mechanics, Nuno Correia, Howard Hillstrom, Olliver Morgan, Qasim, Mohammed, Robert Rozbruch, Rajshree Hillstrom

P 38 Piezoelectric energy harvesting concept for energy-autonomous instrumented orthopaedic implants - a numerical evaluation, Hans-E. Lange, Dennis Hohlfeld, Daniel Klüß

P 39 Comparison between a portable pressure measuring equipment and PicoPress in garment pressure measurement on hyperthophic scar following burn injury, Seung Yeol Lee, So Young Joo, Sang-Hyun Kim, Hyun Seok

P 40 Analysis of motion synergies in grasping tasks for a 6-DOF tendon-driven prosthetic hand, Immaculada Llop-Harillo, Antonio Pérez-González, Jesús Cantero-Ramis

P 41 The role of protein concentration on the rheology of synovial fluid when modelling elasto-hydrodynamic lubrication of joint prostheses, Lee Nissim, Hamza Butt, Leiming Gao, Connor Myant, Robert Hewson

P 42 Topology optimization of acetabular implants for large bone defects, Fernando Perez Boerema, Alexander Meynen, Lennart Scheys, Liesbet Geris

P 43 Cutaneous evaluation of a residual limb following application of novel and conventional prosthetic sockets, Virginia S. A. Monteiro, Oon Tian Tan, Dana Solav, Xingbang Yang, Kevin M. Moerman, Hugh Herr

P 44 Constitutive modelling of knitted abdominal implants in numerical simulations of repaired hernia mechanics, Agnieszka Tomaszewska, Izabela Lubowiecka, Daniil Reznikov, Czesław Szymczak

P 45 Prediction of Remodeling Changes after Short Stem Total Hip Arthroplasty, Jan Vodička, Jan Heřt, Matej Daniel, Lukáš Horný, Tomáš Goldmann

P 46 Cyclic loading of cement/cement and bone/cement bonds, Krzysztof Zerdzicki, Marcin Ceynowa, Pawel Klosowski

P 47 Computational evaluation for elasto-plastic-damage characteristics of syndesmotic screw and its adjacent bones under various dynamic loads after ankle joint fixation surgery, Beop-Yong Lim, Tae Sik Goh, Jung Hoon Ro, Chi-Seung Lee

P 48 Numerical modelling of the human cochlea and surgical techniques, Bruno Areias, Marco Parente, Fernanda Gentil, Renato Natal Jorge

P 49 Why woodpecker can resist the impact: a view from biomechanics, Zhe Zhang, Shiwei Zhou, Yimin Xie

P 50 Development of analogue fluids for cell deformability studies in microfluidic devices, Ana Moita, Cristiana Caldeira, Rui Lima, Emilio Vega, Antonio Moreira

P 51 CFD analysis of flow around a serrated feather, Tetsuhiro Tsukiji, Hiroki Takase

P 52 Fluid-structure interaction modeling of genetically engineered micro-calcification on abdominal aorta luminal surface in mice, Dorinamaria Carka, Olga V. Savinova, Ian Kelly

P 53 Modular, parallel mechanisms with flexible links for use in spine segments of humanoid robots, Adam Ciszkiewicz, Grzegorz Milewski

P 54 Comparison of pain related chnages in cerebral blood volume in burn patients with neuropathic pain, So Young Joo, Yoon Soo Cho, Cheong Hoon Seo

P 55 Advanced characterization of the 3D morphology and the mechanical properties of the enthesis: optimization study, Lisa Leyssens, Sophie Ryelandt, Audrey Favache, Greet Kerckhofs

P 56 Tongue Motility of Tongue-tied Infants During Breastfeeding, Yiela Saperstein, David Elad, Andrew Laine, Scott Siegel, Catherine Watson Genna

P 57 Experimental Evaluation of Pad Degradation of Helmet for American Football and its Application to Numerical Design, Yoshiki Umaba, Atsushi Sakuma, Yuelin Zhang

P 58 Effects of the choice of mechanics reference state on estimation of myocardial propertie, Mario Habenbacher, Thiranja Prasad Babarenda Gamage, Zhinuo Jenny Wang, Christopher Patrick Bradley, Martyn P. Nash

P 59 Comparison of FE, EFG, and SPG methods for the simulation of adipose tissue under blunt impact, Felicitas Lanzl, Steffen Peldschus, Fabian Duddeck

P 60 Effective balance equations for active linear elastic composites and their application to electrosensitive elastomers, Salvatore Di Stefano, Laura Miller, Alfio Grillo, Raimondo Penta

Poster session 3

Friday, 16 August 2019, 12:30 PM – 2:00 PM


P 61 Development of Categorically-Dependent Statistical Atlases to Benefit Subject-Specific Registration of the Human Mandible, Heather Borgard, Sidney Fels

P 62 Parameterizing a Patient-Specific Brain Tumor Growth Model Using Simulated MRIs: Assessing the Impact of Noisy Data, Pamela Jackson, Andrea Hawkins-Daarud, Kristin Swanson

P 63 An Easy-to-Use Device for Studying the Surfactant Replacement in Lung Airway, Stephanie Seoane, Yi Wang, Ehsan Atefi

P 64 Acute Cannabis Nose-Only Aerosol Inhalation Elicits Reproducible Effects in C57BL/6 Mice, Yasmeen Farra, Dongyang Yi, Praveen Kulkarni, Craig Ferris, Jessica Oakes, Chiara Bellini

P 65 On the 3D stress distribution in the alveolar walls: A combined micro-CT and computational modeling study, Mauricio Sarabia, Matías Zuñiga, Daniel Hurtado

P 66 Biomechanical Models Coupled to TGF-β Activation in the Asthmatic Airway, Hannah Pybus, Lowell Edgar, Reuben O'Dea, Bindi Brook

P 67 3D ultrasound methods for image-based personalisation of musculoskeletal models, Frederick Greatrex, Erica Montefiori, Barbara Kalkman, Claudia Mazzà

P 68 A numerical study on the material nonlinear behavior of aortic tissue in abdominal aortic aneurysm patients, Ji-Hun You, Chi-Seung Lee, Chung-Won Lee, Up Huh, Dong-Man Ryu

P 69 Differentiation of Cartilage Culture Conditions by Depth-Wise Statistical Analysis of MRI Based Strain Fields, Sameer Sajid, Deva Chan

P 70 3D constitutive model of the rat large intestine: estimation of the material parameters of the single layers, Andrada Pica, Fabiano Bini, Mateo Desideri, Simone Novelli, Franco Marinozzi

P 71 Micro-indentation to investigate cross-sectional material properties distribution of the spinal cord, Nicolas Bailly, Eric Wagnac, Yvan Petit

P 72 On the evaluation of anterior lumbar fusion cages: A finite element study, Rafael Guerreiro, Manuel Tavares de Matos, Paulo Fernandes, Andre Castro

P 73 Head and Neck Muscles Moments Prediction in Resisting Static Force Applied to the Head in Various Axial Plane Directions, Wissal Mesfar, Kodjo Moglo

P 74 Development of sequential bone adaptation process algorithm for assessment of ACDF and CDA, Won Man Park, Yong Jun Jin, Choengryul Choi

P 75 Biomechanical Evaluation of Fixation Methods for the Surgical Treatment of Thoracolumbar Fracture, Shady Elmasry, Francesco Travascio, Shihab Asfour

P 76 How Important is the Anterior Column Support in a Long Lumbopelvic Spinal Fixation? An In-Silico Biomechanics Analysis, Woojin Cho, Wenhai Wang, Brandon Bucklen

P 77 Gravity Line and Sagittal Alignment are Both Risk Factors for Increased Rod Stresses in Long Lumbopelvic Fixation – A Biomechanics Study, Woojin Cho, Wenhai Wang, Brandon Bucklen

P 78 Differences Between Static and Dynamical Optimization Methods in Musculoskeletal Modeling Estimations to Study Elite Athletes, Rodrigo Mateus, Filipa João, Ventura Ferrer, António Veloso

P 79 Modeling thrombus permeability in patients with acute ischemic stroke, Nerea Arrarte Terreros, Manon L. Tolhuisen, Charles B.L.M. Majoie, Ed van Bavel, Henk A. Marquering

P 80 Experimental and numerical approaches for the optimal design of porous calcium phosphate scaffolds: Influence of pore interconnect ratio, and micro/macro pore volume fractions on the tissue growth rate and material properties, Tae-Rim Kim, Tae Sik Goh, Jung Hoon Ro, Chi-Seung Lee

P 81 Dynamical rheological properties of in-silico epithelial tissue by vertex models, Takuya Toyoshima, Yukitaka Ishimoto

P 82 Male Sphincter-Urinary System Behavior under a Valsalva Maneuver, António André, Sérgio Pinto, Pedro Martins

P 83 Virtual Reality Tools Applied to the Male Urinary System: Visualization and Interaction, Sérgio Pinto, António André, Pedro Martins

P 84 Mechanical behavior of the urinary bladder extracellular matrix in an animal model of spinal cord injury, Tyler G. Tuttle, Heidi Lujan , Stephen DiCarlo, Sara Roccabianca

P 85 Numerical Simulation of he influence of Gender on the performance of colonoscopes, Xuehuan He, Jing Bai, Debao Zhou

P 86 A Finite Element Algorithm For Evolving Contact Between Bonded Surfaces With Implicit Damage: Application To Premature Funneling Of Fetal Membranes, Brandon Zimmerman, Andrea Westervelt, Kristin Myers, Gerard Ateshian

P 87 Influence of plaque geometry and composition on numerically simulated balloon angioplasty outcomes, Bernard Al-Helou, Claire Dupont, Aline Bel-Brunon, Adrien Kaladji, Pascal Haigron

P 88 Continuum Modeling the Behavior of Soft Biological Tissues During and Due to Unphysiological Loading, Meike Gierig, Michele Marino, Peter Wriggers

P 89 Mechanics of the Bulbus Arteriosus and Ventral Aorta in Adult Zebrafish, Matthias Van Impe, Patrick Sips, Julie De Backer, Patrick Segers