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The conference is at Columbia University in the City of New York. Columbia University is located in the Manhattan Borough of New York City. Alfred Lerner Hall is located on the Morningside Heights Campus of the University, and its main entrance is located at 2920 Broadway, New York, NY 10027 (on the northeast corner of Broadway & W. 114th Street). General visitor information to Columbia University can be found online at



Campus maps, including a disability access to the campus can be found online:


Getting to Manhattan from the Airport

CAR: The fastest way into the city is by car. All of the airports servicing New York city (LaGuardia, JFK, and Newark) have an official city taxi cab line at all of the terminals. These cabs offer a flat-rate, plus bridge/tunnel tolls. You can pay with either cash or credit cards in all city cabs. Additionally, all of the airports have designated areas where you can take a hired car from popular ride-sharing apps (e.g. Uber, Lyft, Via). You can estimate the cost of your ride using this online tool:

When taking a taxi cab, it is standard to add a tip for the driver ranging from 10-20%. The ride hailing apps typically have the tip included in the price, with an option to add additional tip after the ride. Please note – DO NOT ACCEPT RIDES FROM PEOPLE OFFERING CAR SERVICES AT THE BAGGAGE CLAIM AREA NOR DIRECTLY OFF OF THE CURBSIDE AT THE AIRPORT. THIS ACTIVITY IS ILLEGAL. Only take cars from the official taxi cab line or ride-hailing apps. When taking an Uber/Lyft/Via car, check driver’s name and license plate number.


SHUTTLES: Various shuttle services can be hired online or at information booths at all airports. Shuttles tend to be less expensive than cars, but often take longer as you may have to drop off other passengers along the way.


Public Transportation: New York City has an extensive subway and bus system. For JFK and LaGuardia (LGA) airports refer to the MTA website for transportation information to various locations in the city: For Newark airport refer to this website for travel info:


Getting around

New York City has an extensive public transportation system. All buses and subways tolls are paid via an MTA MetroCard. All trips are a single fare no matter the distance. Traveling by subway is the fastest way to get around the city. All information regarding public transportation in the city, including ways to buy a MetroCard is found at

The Morningside Heights campus of Columbia University is conveniently located off of the No. 1 MTA Subway line at the W. 116th stop.


Eating and restaurants

Every day of the conference, lunch will be served along with all-day coffee service. New York city is filled with restaurants, cafes, eateries, bakeries, delis, food carts/trucks for all food tastes, cuisines, and budgets. Just outside Alfred Lerner Hall, up and down Broadway, there are a number of eateries that cater to the university crowd – burgers, chopped salad, coffee shops, grab&go sandwiches, noodles, etc. Food carts and trucks often line the sidewalks on Broadway and are very popular with students and faculty. To find interesting places to eat, refer to The best way to reserve a table, and to find local restaurants, refer to or



The campus of Columbia University is generally an open campus with access to the all outdoor areas and lobbies of all buildings. Alfred Lerner Hall serves as the student union for the undergraduate students of Columbia University, and entrance requires an ID card. Upon first arrival to the conference, enter at 2920 Broadway and register to obtain your conference ID badge. Access to Alfred Lerner Hall requires your conference badge at all times.


New York city is a highly urban area and is generally safe to walk around and ride public transportation (everybody rides the subway). Morningside Heights is bordered by the Upper West Side and Harlem neighborhoods. All three neighborhoods are very residential, walkable, and dense with places to eat. As in all urban areas, be aware of your surroundings. Do not enter any of the city parks after dusk. Only street hail yellow (or green) taxi cabs. When taking an Uber/Lyft/Via car, check driver’s name and license plate number.


Columbia University provides free-wifi on campus (network name: Columbia University)

Columbia also provides eduroam wifi access (see

New York City provides free wi-fi across the city (network name: LinkNYC Free Wi-Fi).

It is recommended to use VPN (virtual private network) access when using public wi-fi systems


Lactation space

We have arranged our participants access to the lactation room in Butler. Please contact the local organization chair Kristin Myers ( if you need a lactation room.



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